Volunteer of the Month July 2017

Celebrating our volunteer of the month of July, 2017

We introduce to you our volunteer of the Month July, Mr. Muhammad Kebbeh.
Muhammad Kebbeh is the Personal Assistant to the CEO and Program Coordinator at Salimatou Foundation for Education. It is no secret to most Gambians that Muhammad is a civic champion and a servant leader. He is one of our vibrant volunteers whose contributions cannot be over emphasize thus grant us unimaginable prosperity nationally and internationally.

Muhammad’s penchant for advocating quality education and education for all is innate, he is remarkably adroit and determined social activist. Due to his ebullient nature, he is a volunteer who works with alacrity in seeing the success of our voluntary services. He has a cosmopolitan character in doing his work with others. He won the accolade of being our volunteer of the Year 2016 due to his dedication for the foundation.
His vast array of youth work coupled with his selflessness earn him a place in the global community. Due to his selflessness effort and volunteerism towards seeing every child get access to education and a quality one for that matter earned him a place to be appointed as a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School. An organization that is recognising the work of over 500 youth leaders around the world. Muhammed keep inspiring through his work as a Global Youth Ambassador. He inspire young people around the globe by publishing articles and stories of his work through a TheirWorld.

Muhammad wants to see a Gambia and Africa where every child goes to school to have a quality schooling. He firmly familiarize himself with sacrificial services to achieve his goal.

We thank you for your ongoing volunteerism and urged you to keep changing the lives of other people.
Please help celebrate Muhammad for his selflessness efforts in elevating the Foundation.

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