Volunteer of the month December, 2017

Lagamy Gumaneh is a human rights advocate in the community development sector, striving hard to promote and ensure Differently-able people’s right,  Youth Empowerment,  Quality Education and  Peace in his community.  He’s also a seasonal debater, actor and a writer.
Lagamy holds a high school certificate and recently got admission to the University of The Gambia to read Law.  He is currently a teacher at An Nur Islamic Institute, where he makes sure that education is not only delivered in quantity but with “Quality” as well.  He advocates with Salimatou Foundation for Education to make sure that every child get access to affordable, reliable and quality education. In doing so, he engages in monitoring programs, school and community outreach etc

Lagamy is also a peace ambassador to the world, he advocates and promotes peace with Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia. 
When it comes to Youth Empowerment, Lagamy is ready to give all it takes to see youth empowered. He’s currently the auditor at The Balance Crew, where he ensures that youths are really empowered. He is currently a member of the technical team of the Youth of the month and year award, where youth compete for national development. 

As a human right advocate and someone concerned about SDGs, he works so hard with Kaddy Foundation for Differently-able People to ensure that they enjoy the same as others do hence promoting SDG 10.

In the near future, Lagamy wants to see an Africa that mainly depends on Africa. Lagamy is well known for his humor. Such a friendly person he is.

Congratulations Lagamy Gumaneh!

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