Volunteer of the Month March, 2018

Miss. Chareh Sallah is a Gambian born and raised in Senegal. She is a degree holder in Banking and Finance from The University of The Gambia.

Miss. Sallah is so passionate about volunteerism. She co-founded a Non-Profit Organization call Social Aide Family, where she is currently serving as the Regional Leader in her community. She also volunteers with other organizations in Senegal such as, “MPCL Gambie”, where she holds the position of Assistant Auditor General. She is currently the finance officer of Salimatou Foundation for Education.

Chareh’s commitment and dedication in voluntarism enabled her to receive numerous leadership awards which includes: leadership award by Social Aide Family in February 2017, Leadership, Peace and Conflict award from the Gambia Red Cross Society in August 2017. She was also awarded as the volunteer of the month of SaFE in September 2017.

Chareh Sallah is a very conscientious, determined and cheerful person.

Above all, Chareh is endowed with personality characterized by efficiency, honesty, integrity and discipline.

Chareh is dynamic, influential and a social transformer.

Congratulations Chareh Sallah!!! We are proud of you!!!

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