SaFE Issued Educational Materials to its Sponsored Pupils

The government of the Gambia has done amazingly well in achieving universal primary education. It has introduced the School Feeding Program, the President’s Empowerment of Girls Education Program, and lately the School Improvement Grand which eliminated school fees in all public schools with the help of UNICEPT and the Global Partnership for Education respectively.

This help by increasing the school enrollment rate, reduce the gender ratio at the primary level. Despite these facts, there are many children on the street in The Gambia that are not in school due to poverty.

Due to high level of poverty, school dropouts get the rise while child labor worsens. Many schools and parents find it difficult to provide basic educational materials to the pupils and this delay the quality education we are all fighting for. As a result of this, Salimatou Foundation for Education takes the challenge to initiate a scholarship program that aims at providing basic educational materials to the underprivileged children within The Gambia.

On 24th November, 2018 yet again SaFE issued educational materials, dub scholarship packages, to its sponsored pupils.  The packages include stationery, bags, school uniforms, shoes and cash (which is meant to pay study fees and lunch for the entire year). This we believe will ease the burden of acquiring educational materials by the parents and also provide them access to quality education.

We make these things happen by acquiring funds from philanthropists and transfer these cash to the poor people in The Gambia. You can play your part and put a smiling face on a kid by just donating any anything you have.

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