About SaFE


Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE) is a right-to-education civil society organisation that promotes and advocates for the provision of accessible and affordable quality education for all. As a charitable organisation, SaFE was registered with the Attorney General’s Chambers, Ministry of Justice of The Gambia on the 11 November 2015.

SaFE was founded as a result of the passion it has to ensure people have quality education wherever they are despite of their nationality, religion, culture, ethnic.We also seek to promote social justice, as well as cultural renaissance. SaFE believes that the right to education is universal human Right for all peoples and that the State must invest in education in most efficient, judicious and transparency manner in fulfillment of this right.


  1. To ensure the accessibility and affordable quality education for all.
  2. Provide life skills and literacy skills to the communities
  3. Assist to improve pupils academic and vocational skills
  4. To protect and promote human Rights much especially, the vulnerable children.
  5. To promote inter- cultural relationship between the available ethnicities.
  6. Conduct training and organize lectures, symposia, workshops and seminars for capacity building and to impart knowledge.
  7. Build up national, regional and international network on issues of rights to education and development.
  8. To promote sustainable development through the improvement and maintenance of educational system.
  9. To collaborate with NGOs, CSOs and inter-governmental agencies having similar objectives.