Career Development/Planning:

We seek to offer career counseling to schools children in order to choose a good career that best suits them. It has been a challenge for most people to know and to choose a good career that suit them, that’s because children are not council on different types of career nor do they know what they are better at. Offering this to students will give them the opportunity to choose the best career they will be good at in the near future, it will make the students realize their full potential.


We seek to offer mentorship to young people in other to meet their life goals.

Counseling and Guidance:

We seek to guide and giving counseling to children most especially who are going through difficulties in their lives.


We seek to organize academy competitions among school children such as regional and national spelling bee competition for students in order for them to develop on their vocabulary, public speaking, confidence as well as inculcate the reading culture in them. We also seek to organize cultural competition within students to enable them know and maintain their culture as this would help them live in positive way of lives.